The Good Locker

Group size: 60 - 200

Time: 1 - 2

All in, all the time.

~ Navy Seal Motto

The Good Locker is a fun energizer event inspired by the U.S. military. This authentic artillery locker contains a wide variety of strategic challenges directly used as leadership activities by the armed forces. This case is designed specifically for a general conference room setting, as all teams participate simultaneously near their tables. Ideal for all abilities and backgrounds, our Good Locker Program starts with a few boisterous energizers. Teams get moving, cheering, fired up and ready to go.

Each element to follow lasts 15 to 20 minutes relates to a variety of team effectiveness skills, such as 3D thinking, organizing fractured information, building alignment and trust, and reinforcing the value of diversity for problem solving and team success.

Included activities:

  • Slap Trap
  • Focus Tubes
  • Piper’s Line
  • Minds that Matter
  • Arrowheads / Pyramids
  • da Vinci’s Bridge
  • Community Puzzle