Race to the Red Planet

Group size: 100 - 250

Time: 2 - 3

5… 4… 3… 2… 1… Lift Off! With Venture Up’s “Race to the Red Planet”! This is our dedicated team competition case where groups design, build, and test their air craft, to ultimately fly into aeronautical history!

Together, your teams will try, fail, and try again with a series of prototypes, until they build the best paper airplanes they can muster! But these aren’t your normal school paper airplanes. There will ultimately be two types of planes for each team to build; one oversized plane that will be tested on its journey to “Mars,” and a second paper plane that is transformed into a high-tech bluetooth flying machine.


All materials are provided, but locked into a series of flight cases each team receives. To access the building materials and equipment, teams must first crack the flight codes, solve puzzles and work together to have the best chance of winning!

This is one of the most technologically advanced cases we offer. The bluetooth control modules are found in the final case, and have a propeller prop, spinning at 1500 revolutions per minute, more than enough to efficiently propel the aircraft. Adjusting the flaps, elevators, wing dimensions, and rudders, compensate for the keel’s weight and other flight issues. A smart phone turns into an instrument panel for flight controls; air speed, fuel levels, lateral trim and horizontal rotation, are all manageable through a downloaded controller app.

Teams are judged on design, maneuverability, flight time, and other specifications. This program is geared for all abilities, no experience is needed. Get ready for lots of crashing and lots of fun!


Cooperate Social ResponsibilityThis program can be run as a cooperate giving program with new drone systems being donated to a local high school STEM’s program in the community.