Bridge Builders

Group size: 70 - 250

Time: 2 - 3


“The road to success is always under construction

-Lily Tomlin


Venture Up’s Bridge Builders box is a fun, highly visual challenge, that reinforces the different tools we all bring to the table, to build team success. It is also the embodiment of gamified experiential training.  It is dedicated to team dynamics, communications, planning, sharing best practices, alignment and execution, with measurable results. Either all teams are successful or… they aren’t.

Following some initial energizers, each team receives a locked Builders Box.  Teams crack the codes, open the cases and the fun connections begin. Geared for all abilities, there are 2 or 3 primary challenges during this program.

da Vinci Challenge: Our da Vinci bridges are custom made, “vector based”, arching bridge systems, that are built without tape, wire, nails or any other attachments. Teams create bridges as both single span and large intersecting multi-dimensional structures. The structures serve as a perfect metaphor for intact teams, virtual teams, departments, and global organizations.

The MAZE: A multi-task, multi-phase, strategic challenge. The Maze is sharing and training around best practices, mitigating problems, achieving a unified goal across multiple areas. Smaller teams are challenged to assemble the “Maze” within certain parameters. However, the real question being explored is how to mobilize an organization made up of different small teams, to collaborate and learn so that the best results for the organization is achieved, not just personal or departmental excellence.


CONNECTIONS/Corporate Social Responsibility: As an optional CSR ending to the event, teams connect a series of Illustrations which underscore how our “perception is based on our position and how we are all connected within the organization, and to the communities that surround us.” Connections today are electronic. Phones, laptops… think of a day you haven’t seen a screen or monitor. Our dependency is a testament to the importance of them. These connections drive innovation. This luxury however, is not a standard with everyone in modern America, and those without the opportunity to gain experience with these devices, to make these connections… are doomed to fall behind. With this final challenge, teams open a locked case and find a large bundle of computer tablets which are donated to children in the community.


At the end of the program, all participants can be gifted a smaller version of the DaVinci bridge, as a personal reminder of the groups accomplishments.