Dr. Kayce's Challenge

Group size: 100 - 200

Time: 2 - 4

None of us are as smart as all of us.

-Ken Blanchard

Dr. Kayce Challenge is the ideal introduction to the years your students will dedicate to the field of medicine. This specialty case is geared for medical students to build relationships and reinforce the values of team work on their journey to their doctorates, and their choice to follow in the footsteps of other medical professionals. This case features themes and problems too complex for the average Joe to solve, but will be a fun challenge for anyone with a college background in the various life sciences.

So… who is Dr. Kayce and what’s the challenge?  To find out, just open the cases… but they’re locked. Students will have to crack the codes, using their premed basic knowledge of genetics, biology, chemistry and anatomy. This fun high-tech challenge features videos, social media, alarms, cyphers, alphabetical, numerical, and bluetooth locks. The elaborate illustrations, tools, and props encourage everyone  to think outside the box, build collaboration within their team, and get them jazzed for the semesters ahead.

The final twist of this event occurs when all teams must work together, combining codes to open the final series of reveal cases. These final cases, can have an optional number of endings that are chosen by your school. This collaboration underscores that the whole class is one big team, that no one has all the answers on their own; so ask for help, support your peers, because only together can we make a difference.