About Venture Up


Before there was the Escape Case, there was only Venture Up. Venture Up was founded in 1983 by David and Teresa Lengyel as a mountain guiding company in Europe. Originally, it was stationed in the Alps, where they guided clients to the tops of big icy mountains, such as Mont Blanc and the Matterhorn. As time moved on, they moved their business back to America.  Venture Up became an adventure getaway company, offering extreme skiing, mountaineering, and caving across three continents. In 1988, with the developing corporate demand of experiential training, Venture Up shifted to ropes courses until it’s full focus fixated on team building.  By the early 90’s, Venture Up would revolutionize the team building industry in both efficiency and effectiveness. They offered experiential high and low ropes programs that could suit hundreds of people at a time, across the USA, accomplishing the same level of training in just a few hours, that would otherwise have taken days by other methods. Efficiency, has since become one of the core strengths of Venture Up, and it’s shift to the Escape Case idolizes that.

The idea of an Escape Case was conceptualized in 2015, with the initial systems ready for testing almost 16 months later. The idea was simple, capture the fun cooperative experience of an escape room, and put into a series of locked boxes, so that it can be geared for very large conference groups. Create a collaborative experience across teams that fits a 2 hour program window… but simpler said than done. The complexity of integrated clues, and hi-tech challenges marked a generational change at Venture Up.  The elaborate themes, coupled with cutting edge technology in terms of social media, alarms, codes, ciphers and a wide variety of locking systems, were driven by team members in their 20’s.  Once again, Venture Up met the demand for efficient, fun, and effective team building, launching a new generation of corporate gamification.

Today, each Escape the Case program features a specified theme. Some are geared for the original corporate conference market, while others are designed for specialty areas such as medical students, leadership development, or as a charity based CSR programs.  Venture Up continues to move forward, and Escape the Case is now a formal off-shoot of the parent company, specializing in this new form of interactive engagement for a wide variety of markets.

Venture Up or Escape the Case, one thing is certain, we are here to ensure your teams to work better together.

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Venture Up has a long-standing track record, serving more than 350,000 clients since we began in 1983. As corporate training technologies began shifting toward integrated learning models, Venture Up was on the forefront as one of the pioneers in corporate experiential learning.

The Venture Up experience integrates cognitive, emotional and physical awareness and perceptions. Our philosophy is rooted in the power of the individual in creating a high performance team and hence a successful organization.

Our programs are flexible enough to be combined with existing corporate training programs, or may be designed to target clients’ objectives. The exercises of a typical program establish trust and create a positive learning environment that enables people of all professional levels to become more creative and innovative in their thinking and problem solving. We aim to remove barriers that blocked them from trying something new and inspire them to look at problems from many points of view.

Programs are designed to be fun and challenging but geared for success. Our goal is to build relationships through positive feedback, recognition and reward. The result: team players leave with an action plan and are willing to try new ideas and look for new solutions back on the job.

We view quality as a vision of doing things right the first time for the ultimate purpose of creating and keeping customers. We adhere to the principles captured by the Harvard Business Review that caution against false goals of many activity-driven quality programs. We believe strongly in the need for measurable long-term results on the job. Anything short of exceeding customers’ expectations and impacting organizational performance is activity for activity sake and not part of the quality process.

The success of any organization is dependent on the individual commitment of each employee to a common goal. Research has overwhelmingly demonstrated the need for individuals to feel a sense of ownership and pride in their work.

Quality Service

Venture Up’s focus on quality is here to stay. In an age of global competition, quality and service will remain top priorities for successful organizations for many years to come.

We work with organizations to help them maximize individual and organizational performance. It is through the accomplishment of common goals, through combined individual talents that teams are forged and true quality is achieved.

Our vision is a workplace with individuals committed to a common goal contributing their talents with self-motivated initiative, ownership and organizational pride.

Our mission is to provide realistic job-related learning experiences which empower individuals to contribute to common goals through effective individual and team behaviors; to work with organizations and individuals to ensure long term change and applications to the job.

Our success is measured by the results of our clients, and is reflected in the quality of our staff. We practice our beliefs.