Why should we choose Venture Up/Escape the Case?

Listen to our clients. We have a long track record exceeding customer expectations and reinforcing team relationships for all sizes and professional levels. May we send you a reference for your program? Our clients give objective feedback and may guide you to a confident decision. You will be in good company if you join our list. More than 450,000 execs have been part of the Venture Up experience since 1983.

Is there a minimum or maximum group size requirement?

Venture Up's Escape the Case program is recommended for a minimum 40 participants and can work with groups of 500+. Venture Up offers a wide variety of other programs to accommodate all group sizes. We’ve run programs for teams as small as 6. Our more festive events may range to 1,000 or more people. Whatever your event size, we aim to build strong team links at every professional level. Please follow the link to a complete list of Venture  Up Activities.

What is your pricing structure? What does it include?

Escape the Case programs run approximately $75 to $100 a person, depending on group size. Our fees include, equipment, materials, setup, breakout, and Venture Up staffing to facilitate the event. Do you already have your team size? Date? We respond quickly. Call our local office, or ring us toll free at 888-305-1065.  Our email is info@ventureup.com. We give prices by phone or email, and send a detailed proposal usually within a few hours.

My group has done an escape room, how is this any different?

Of course escape rooms have become very popular. The important thing to know is this is the next generation in escape gaming for corporate teams and Escape the Case is very different from an escape room.   Why is it different:

  • Escape the Case is designed for 40 - 500 participants, escape rooms are geared for up to 12 people.
  • Escape the Case is totally portable with easy setup at any conference room, office or meeting space. We come to you.
  • Participants say Escape the Case is more engaging, fun, and everyone stays involved
  • CSR, or corporate giving is applied to our escape games
  • Weather its a group of 40 or 500, everyone is involved and our Escape Case reinforces that everyone brings something to the table
  • but most of all, it's FUN!

When do you offer events? Weekdays? Time slots?

We can schedule your program from the early morning to late evening, 7 days a week.

How much time does an event take?

We are as flexible as you need us to be. Most Escape the Case programs run 2 to 3 hours. We can offer full-day events, or multi-day cooperate events by combining various challenges to work around your schedule; Give us a call.

How much event space do we need?

Our Escape the Case challenge requires only a minimal amount of space.  Banquet tables and chairs... that's it.  Escape the Case is perfect for a general session conference room setting or office space.  For most other Venture Up programs, a minimum 1,500 square feet is required for groups of 40 or less, whether programs are indoors or outside. Larger teams require more space, of course. We have a history of success in designing stations and rotations to maximize the use of space and keep things running smoothly.

Can Venture Up arrange event space?

Yes. Whether you seek a meeting hall, private retreat, or a luxury resort, we can arrange it. Some of us travel in the U.S. and abroad for site inspections and Fam trips to find the best resorts suitable for specific clients.

Where do you host your events?

For Escape the Case challenges, any indoor space can work great. It is important to be indoors because materials inside the case may blow around. We have set up in conference rooms, community centers, meeting halls, warehouses, private hangars, corporate offices, and even large yachts or cooperate residences.  Most any other of Venture Up challenges can be indoors or outdoors. As for example, city parks or wilderness areas.

Do people have to be in good physical condition?

Not at all, Escape the Case challenges are for all abilities. They are run at conference room tables, where participants may stand or sit at their leisure.    

Can Escape the Case be run as a CSR or corporate giving event?

Yes, our cases have been designed with CSR in mind. Our programs often end with a donation of some sort, whether it be monetary or technology based. Call for more info.    

People coming in from various countries. Is culture an issue?

Diversity is an asset in every way, as we all bring something to the table; which is the underlying message of Escape the Case. Weather English is their first, second, or third language, there will be no issue and will be fun for all.    

Is it offered in languages other than English?

We currently offer escape the case, in Spanish and English