4 Benefits of Corporate Team Building Activities for Your Employees

Team building is one of the best ways to know your employees better and on a more personal level. The greatest strength of a company lies in the employees who complete the work. If your employees don’t feel appreciated or useful, their performance will be greatly inhibited. As a business leader, one of the best ways to motivate your employees is by making them feel useful as part of your team. You can only do this if you know your employees better — like by promoting employee engagement activities.


Corporate team building activities will also enable your employees to interact with each other more freely and create strong bonds. This can actually increase productivity and employee engagement. According to a study by the Kenexa Research Institute, companies that engaged their employees can achieve twice the net annual income of those that are reluctant to invest in employee engagement. Going by these findings, it’s vital that your company organizes employee engagement activities more frequently to increase job satisfaction and overall productivity.


Team building activities and events can also be highly enjoyable, especially when they’re properly organized by a dedicated corporate team building company. Good team-building experiences will cultivate a spirit of cooperation in your employees and allow them to become more invested in what they do at work.


Here are more benefits of employee engagement activities.


1. Boosts Effective Communication


One of the common communication barriers in a team is members not knowing how to approach each other. When you bring different people together to work towards a common goal, their success will be influenced by how effectively they communicate. Often, members of a team may take time to build strong interpersonal bonds that will boost communication between them. This may not be good for your business, especially if the team is crucial to the success of your company. All it may take is one or two team building events for you to find the team has been able to move past the interpersonal barriers that hinder effective communication.


2. Builds Leadership Skills


Corporate team building events often involve friendly sporting activities and competitions. Similar to mainstream sports, the captain of a team is integral to the team’s success. Employees with good leadership skills will be able to rally their teams around and win a competition. This is just one of the ways that, as a business leader, you can use to spot leadership skills during corporate team building events.


3. Fosters Trust Among Employees


By interacting on a more personal level, your employees will be able to know each other’s weaknesses and strengths. When members of a team have this knowledge, they can support each other by trading skills. When they are working on a project, it will be easy to distribute tasks according to individual abilities. Trust is the backbone of a team; when team members have full trust in each other’s abilities, they will achieve success more smoothly and enjoy the journey.


4. Creates Stronger Bonds


After a fun team building activity, team members go from being formal acquaintances to actually being friends. When employees have a strong out of office connection, they are more likely to support each other while at the workplace because they now have more common interests. Ultimately, when team members are friendlier with each other, the workplace will feel much more welcoming and supportive. This can increase job satisfaction, engagement, and productivity overall.


In the long run, employee engagement activities will boost the productivity of your employees. Notably, this will translate to more income for your company. If you are looking to organize a team-building event for your team, you can engage a corporate team building company to do it for you.

7 Reasons Why Corporate Team Building Is Necessary

Instead of creating a competitive working environment, businesses are nowadays inclining towards enhancing employee cooperation. This explains why the popularity of corporate team building events continues to grow in leaps and bounds. In fact, team building helps increase employee work ethic, innovation and loyalty. Working as a team towards business success is not something that comes naturally. This is because employees need to first have a solid working relationship to help them operate in sync.


This is what corporate team building does best. Corporate employee engagement activities are specially designed to involve and engage people in a manner that boosts cooperation. Discussed below are the reasons why team building programs for corporate groups are a great idea.


1. Better Productivity


Corporate team building activities help employees master the art of pulling in the same direction. By working together, each of them understands that their colleague comes with different problem-solving skills. After everyone sees the benefits of synchronizing abilities they carry the same attitude to work. As a result, productivity in the office goes a notch higher by reducing work overlap on teams.


2. Confidence


Corporate team building events are an effective way to boost confidence both for you and others. Most of the times people are shy to step out of their comfort zones by putting a cap to their abilities. Corporate team-building experiences help in doing things that seem impossible by pushing our limits, and the process comes with increased confidence. Seeing a colleague step out of their comfort zone also produces a ripple effect that positively influences others.


Truth be told, some employees fail to give their best because they are never sure about the abilities of co-workers. Such employees remain reluctant as they fear that they might be the designated carriers of their colleagues’ workload. What’s more, others don’t believe in their own capabilities and they wouldn’t want to be seen as a weakling. Corporate team building events help wipe out all these fears by helping co-workers overcome obstacles. The increased confidence means that everyone will go about their work to the best of their ability.


3. Teamwork


Doing a great job isn’t only about clocking working hours or monthly paychecks because achieving common objectives is the main goal. Everyone on board sees themselves as part of something bigger because they know that success for one is success for all. With teamwork, the company’s goals are easily met.


4. Communication


Improved employee communication is another benefit that team building events offer. Fun-filled corporate employee engagement activities help in knowing each other better, and this eradicates mistrust barriers by making people focus on their similarities instead of differences. There’s no better way to nurture employee strength and enhance motivation among co-workers


5. Integration


Corporate team building events can help build bridges between persons who rarely interact at the workplace. This might not seem to offer any work-related benefit, right? The institution-wide integration, however, yields problem-solving solutions that were out of reach. Such interactions can help in changing pre-conceived negative views that co-workers had towards each other.


6. Increase Creativity


More often than not, employees have to do the same work activities day in day out and this can be monotonous. Corporate team building events offer a change of environment by engaging people in out-of-the-norm tasks. This helps boost creativity as each individual has to use their imagination when accomplishing the task given.


7. Fun


Team building is a serious activity that comes with tons of fun. This is an advantage that might not seem a big deal but having fun is an important ingredient in any workplace. There are days when things seem to go wrong at work and this can demoralize any employee. But in a fun working environment, every employee will look at the brighter side of things even when faced with difficulties.


Bottom Line


Corporate team building events have many other benefits that we can’t exhaust in one sitting. If you want to take your company to the next level, consulting a corporate team building agency is all you need to do. Contact Escape the Case today for team building activities!


4 Team Building Ideas that Work

For most companies, team building means taking a trip to a remote location or a hotel somewhere once a year. However, team building can be a regular thing at the office, even without spending a dime. The gist behind team building is to help co-workers to bond and become team players who work together well. Unlike the annual getaways, these four team building activities for work are proven to bring the team together, and they are cheap.

Team bonding

Before you harness any other qualities in your team, you must make them bond as people first. You can encourage bonding if you put them in activities where they have to work together to have fun. For instance, you can divide the team into groups and give them the same task. Battle of the Air bands is the most popular activity where teams have to choreograph a song, make costumes, or prepare a lip-sync battle against another team. The process of creating all that stuff makes them bond so well because they are having fun, and they want to win.

Communication activities

How well do your team members communicate in the workplace? Split them into groups of twos who will sit with their backs against each other. One person will pick an image and try to explain it to their teammate, who will draw. The two must up their communication skills so that they can understand each other.


A company often has issues that must be solved, and your team must prepare for that. As part of the team building, you can give them a puzzle that needs to be solved by a group. They must work together because if they don’t, it will not work.

Trust activities

If colleagues don’t trust each other, they cannot work effectively as a team. One of the best trust activities is to have them climb on a sleek wooden platform 5 meters off the ground. The platform is so thin that they cannot pass each other without falling. However, if they work together and hold each other, they can rotate and move without falling. It takes incredible trust to let your partner hold and turn you so you won’t fall.

You can find many indoor and outdoor team building ideas to do every month. Check out a store near you for more information on the best office furniture you can utilize during your team building activities.

Amazing Team Building Activities that People will Enjoy

If the term team building is received with contempt in your office, you may be doing it wrong. Team building is primarily about bringing people together, but it has to be fun. However, you must remember to incorporate the four key areas, which include bonding, problem-solving, trust, and communication skills. These five group activities will not only tick all the four aspects, but they are exciting too.

Memory board

The memory board is a fantastic bonding activity for colleagues. Each member creates a memory they have of that office and posts it on the board. The rest of the team will try to guess what that memory is, and eventually, they will be told if they can’t figure it out. A memory board brings nostalgia to the team as they go down memory lane to remember all the fun stuff they have done in that company.

Shark tank

Shark tank is one of the most-watched television programs and for a good reason. You can try to recreate your shark tank by dividing the team into two. The first team will be the sharks sitting down, while the second team comes up with ideas to pitch. You can make the activity as realistic as possible or as stupid as you want. Both communication skills and teamwork are required in this game.

Murder mystery

The murder mystery has been around for years, thanks to the TV show. You have to work as a team to solve the mystery that is murder. Your creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills will be put to the test here. You will also have to put your heads together to know who killed the victim.


Frostbite is a fantastic activity where you role-play as arctic explorers who are stuck in a storm. Unfortunately, your team leader has frostbite in his hands, so he cannot help you, and the rest of you are visually challenged because of snow blindness. You must build a tent or a heat tower for shelter as you wait for the storm to pass. Your team leader will verbally tell you what to do, and you will have to rally listen and trust him to build the tower.

There are countless games and activities that you can do as a team to bond and work better together. As you plan future team building games, check out a store near you to see what you can get.

How to Make Your Team Building Exercises Work

Any organization that wants to succeed must know the value of investing in teamwork. Teamwork builds trust, which reduces conflict, resulting in better communication and collaboration. It also increases engagement among employees, which boosts efficiency and productivity levels, all of which have a positive impact on your bottom line.

But this doesn’t happen overnight. If you want to enjoy the benefits that solid teamwork brings, start making team-building sessions a part of your firm. Here’s how to make sure your team building exercises will win your employees over.

Don’t Force It

A memorable team building event cannot be forced. But you can take measures to prepare and ensure that it’ll be a success. One misstep that many companies do is to force the leadership lessons. Don’t force it. Find fun activities that are fun while achieving your goals.

Know What They Like

Gauge the level of your participants’ interest. Choose the group activities with that in mind. If you pick exercises that don’t interest them, you’re going to lose their engagement fast. That’s not going to get you the results you want.

Pick Something Unique

Studies show that happiness and learning are tied closely. Letting your employees try new things can build positive vibes, one that can go a long way to building a cohesive unit. Pick something that’s a bit out of everybody’s comfort zone or something they haven’t tried yet. For instance, trying an escape game can pull your team together in ways that a lecture or session talking about teamwork won’t be able to do. There’s nothing like working together on cracking a spy code to build trust or break down walls.

Time It Right

Make sure you time it right. Schedule the activities after new employees have joined. That will help build camaraderie among old and new hires. If your team has just finished work on a grueling campaign, a fun team building session can work as a reward for everyone’s hard work.

Pick a Venue

Outdoor activities are fun, but you and your team are subject to the weather. If you don’t want to worry about the possibility of rain ruining a whole set of planned activities for the day, pick an indoor venue. An entertainment center can be your best bet. Escape game rooms are a popular trend. Give them a try with your crew.

Create a positive working environment at work for your employees. Start by investing in team-building exercises with Escape the Case rooms.

How to Make the Most of Team Building Activities

Teamwork is essential in ensuring the success of your organization. It improves productivity, ensures effective communication, and results in a better corporate culture. If you want to encourage teamwork, there are plenty of team building ideas that you can explore. However, if you want to make the most out of those sessions, be sure to pick the right ones. Get the basics first with these helpful tips.

Think About Your Team’s Needs

What kind of issues does your team have? Do you want to improve engagement levels? Look for fun team building activities aimed at strengthening employee engagement. However, take the time to assess if your team is ready for a team building activity to make sure your efforts are worth it.

Note Down Your Goals

When you look for team building exercises, think about the challenges you want your employees to overcome. Is there any conflict in the team? Do you want them to improve their communication skills? Look for activities that will help them learn new skills. If you have talents with managerial potential, pick activities that can help them develop their leadership skills further.

Be Creative

Look beyond boring office activities. This is your chance to get your team out of the daily grind. With plenty of wonderful ideas around, you won’t have any problems planning the event. Also, employees tend to relax more when they aren’t at work. For the team building sessions to succeed, think about holding the event outside of the office. An entertainment center makes for an excellent option, as it has plenty of attractions that you can use.

Pick the Right Venue

Look for an entertainment center that will provide you with an indoor venue. Rain or shine, you and your team can keep going. You can plan events around the attractions too.

Follow Up on Them

Don’t let the momentum of the team building activity go to waste. Once the event is done, follow up on your staff. Whatever progress you made during the activities should be encouraged. Better yet, don’t make the activity a once-off event. Look into planning a regular one. Monthly team building sessions can do wonders. It can boost morale, make your staff happier, and lead to better work results and productivity outcomes.

If you want to achieve improved teamwork at the office, start planning one. Reach out to Escape the Case, and we can work with you on making those fun team building ideas come to life.

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