Amazing Team Building Activities that People will Enjoy

If the term team building is received with contempt in your office, you may be doing it wrong. Team building is primarily about bringing people together, but it has to be fun. However, you must remember to incorporate the four key areas, which include bonding, problem-solving, trust, and communication skills. These five group activities will not only tick all the four aspects, but they are exciting too.

Memory board

The memory board is a fantastic bonding activity for colleagues. Each member creates a memory they have of that office and posts it on the board. The rest of the team will try to guess what that memory is, and eventually, they will be told if they can’t figure it out. A memory board brings nostalgia to the team as they go down memory lane to remember all the fun stuff they have done in that company.

Shark tank

Shark tank is one of the most-watched television programs and for a good reason. You can try to recreate your shark tank by dividing the team into two. The first team will be the sharks sitting down, while the second team comes up with ideas to pitch. You can make the activity as realistic as possible or as stupid as you want. Both communication skills and teamwork are required in this game.

Murder mystery

The murder mystery has been around for years, thanks to the TV show. You have to work as a team to solve the mystery that is murder. Your creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills will be put to the test here. You will also have to put your heads together to know who killed the victim.


Frostbite is a fantastic activity where you role-play as arctic explorers who are stuck in a storm. Unfortunately, your team leader has frostbite in his hands, so he cannot help you, and the rest of you are visually challenged because of snow blindness. You must build a tent or a heat tower for shelter as you wait for the storm to pass. Your team leader will verbally tell you what to do, and you will have to rally listen and trust him to build the tower.

There are countless games and activities that you can do as a team to bond and work better together. As you plan future team building games, check out a store near you to see what you can get.

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