4 Team Building Ideas that Work

For most companies, team building means taking a trip to a remote location or a hotel somewhere once a year. However, team building can be a regular thing at the office, even without spending a dime. The gist behind team building is to help co-workers to bond and become team players who work together well. Unlike the annual getaways, these four team building activities for work are proven to bring the team together, and they are cheap.

Team bonding

Before you harness any other qualities in your team, you must make them bond as people first. You can encourage bonding if you put them in activities where they have to work together to have fun. For instance, you can divide the team into groups and give them the same task. Battle of the Air bands is the most popular activity where teams have to choreograph a song, make costumes, or prepare a lip-sync battle against another team. The process of creating all that stuff makes them bond so well because they are having fun, and they want to win.

Communication activities

How well do your team members communicate in the workplace? Split them into groups of twos who will sit with their backs against each other. One person will pick an image and try to explain it to their teammate, who will draw. The two must up their communication skills so that they can understand each other.


A company often has issues that must be solved, and your team must prepare for that. As part of the team building, you can give them a puzzle that needs to be solved by a group. They must work together because if they don’t, it will not work.

Trust activities

If colleagues don’t trust each other, they cannot work effectively as a team. One of the best trust activities is to have them climb on a sleek wooden platform 5 meters off the ground. The platform is so thin that they cannot pass each other without falling. However, if they work together and hold each other, they can rotate and move without falling. It takes incredible trust to let your partner hold and turn you so you won’t fall.

You can find many indoor and outdoor team building ideas to do every month. Check out a store near you for more information on the best office furniture you can utilize during your team building activities.

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