How to Make Your Team Building Exercises Work

Any organization that wants to succeed must know the value of investing in teamwork. Teamwork builds trust, which reduces conflict, resulting in better communication and collaboration. It also increases engagement among employees, which boosts efficiency and productivity levels, all of which have a positive impact on your bottom line.

But this doesn’t happen overnight. If you want to enjoy the benefits that solid teamwork brings, start making team-building sessions a part of your firm. Here’s how to make sure your team building exercises will win your employees over.

Don’t Force It

A memorable team building event cannot be forced. But you can take measures to prepare and ensure that it’ll be a success. One misstep that many companies do is to force the leadership lessons. Don’t force it. Find fun activities that are fun while achieving your goals.

Know What They Like

Gauge the level of your participants’ interest. Choose the group activities with that in mind. If you pick exercises that don’t interest them, you’re going to lose their engagement fast. That’s not going to get you the results you want.

Pick Something Unique

Studies show that happiness and learning are tied closely. Letting your employees try new things can build positive vibes, one that can go a long way to building a cohesive unit. Pick something that’s a bit out of everybody’s comfort zone or something they haven’t tried yet. For instance, trying an escape game can pull your team together in ways that a lecture or session talking about teamwork won’t be able to do. There’s nothing like working together on cracking a spy code to build trust or break down walls.

Time It Right

Make sure you time it right. Schedule the activities after new employees have joined. That will help build camaraderie among old and new hires. If your team has just finished work on a grueling campaign, a fun team building session can work as a reward for everyone’s hard work.

Pick a Venue

Outdoor activities are fun, but you and your team are subject to the weather. If you don’t want to worry about the possibility of rain ruining a whole set of planned activities for the day, pick an indoor venue. An entertainment center can be your best bet. Escape game rooms are a popular trend. Give them a try with your crew.

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How to Make the Most of Team Building Activities

Teamwork is essential in ensuring the success of your organization. It improves productivity, ensures effective communication, and results in a better corporate culture. If you want to encourage teamwork, there are plenty of team building ideas that you can explore. However, if you want to make the most out of those sessions, be sure to pick the right ones. Get the basics first with these helpful tips.

Think About Your Team’s Needs

What kind of issues does your team have? Do you want to improve engagement levels? Look for fun team building activities aimed at strengthening employee engagement. However, take the time to assess if your team is ready for a team building activity to make sure your efforts are worth it.

Note Down Your Goals

When you look for team building exercises, think about the challenges you want your employees to overcome. Is there any conflict in the team? Do you want them to improve their communication skills? Look for activities that will help them learn new skills. If you have talents with managerial potential, pick activities that can help them develop their leadership skills further.

Be Creative

Look beyond boring office activities. This is your chance to get your team out of the daily grind. With plenty of wonderful ideas around, you won’t have any problems planning the event. Also, employees tend to relax more when they aren’t at work. For the team building sessions to succeed, think about holding the event outside of the office. An entertainment center makes for an excellent option, as it has plenty of attractions that you can use.

Pick the Right Venue

Look for an entertainment center that will provide you with an indoor venue. Rain or shine, you and your team can keep going. You can plan events around the attractions too.

Follow Up on Them

Don’t let the momentum of the team building activity go to waste. Once the event is done, follow up on your staff. Whatever progress you made during the activities should be encouraged. Better yet, don’t make the activity a once-off event. Look into planning a regular one. Monthly team building sessions can do wonders. It can boost morale, make your staff happier, and lead to better work results and productivity outcomes.

If you want to achieve improved teamwork at the office, start planning one. Reach out to Escape the Case, and we can work with you on making those fun team building ideas come to life.