How to Pick Team Building Games

Healthy competition helps companies thrive. But too much of it leads to a hostile work environment. If you want a workplace that champions collaboration and cooperation between your employees, team building activities for work help. Not just any programs will do, though. Make sure you find the right options for your firm. Ask these questions.

What Does Your Team Need?

Holding team building games isn’t going to help if there’s poor engagement in your team. Address those problems before you attempt any team-building efforts. Consider activities designed to improve participation in organizations.

What Do You Hope to Achieve?

What do you want to get out of the team-building exercises? Set up goals to help you determine which activities offer your team challenges that they need to learn to deal with at work. For instance, try activities that let them practice conflict resolution techniques so they can apply those techniques to work situations.

Is it the Right Activity?

Aside from finding activities that address your team’s needs, make sure you choose team building games that are right for your team. By right, we mean games that won’t alienate, hurt, or humiliate anyone. Humiliating an employee for laughs will only bring about resentment and poor engagement, which will undermine the entire point of the exercise. Also, does the activity appeal to everyone? Will they all benefit from participating in the activity?

Do You Hold any Follow-Up Events?

Follow up the activity with multiple sessions. A one-off training won’t do a lot to change your team. But if you keep at it with regular sessions, you’ll see the results improve. Achieve the outcome you want by planning several team building games.

Is Your Staff in Good Shape?

If you are going to hold team building activities and ask everyone to participate, make sure the events are easy enough to do that they won’t be physically taxing on your employees. However, these games are also a chance to get employees to do a bit of physical activity. If many of your staff members spend their entire shift at their desks, incorporating a bit of physical activity will contribute to a healthier team. Pick games that won’t wear them out, though.

Is it fun?

Don’t forget to incorporate fun into the games. A balance of teamwork and fun will increase engagement and involvement too. Visit Escape the Case to start planning your team building activities for work.

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