7 Tips to Effective Team-Building Sessions

Teamwork improves the way organizations work. Team-building activities are an effective way to build teamwork in your organization. But before you foster any team-building exercises, make sure you pick the best ones for your team.

Resolve Engagement Issues

Holding a team-building exercise won’t do you a lot of good if your team has low engagement levels. You’ll need to resolve those issues first before you put your team-building ideas and plans in motion.

Determine What they Need

Figure out the skills that your team requires. Do they need to work on their problem-solving skills? Do you think they need to improve on their conflict-management and resolution approaches? Find team-building activities that can help them address those weaknesses.

Consider Your Objectives

What do you want to achieve out of the team-building exercises? Do you want your team to be more united? If there’s poor communication among your employees, a team-building activity can smooth those problems over.

Ask for their Input

Don’t forget to talk to your team and ask for their insights and thoughts. That conversation can help you work out the best team-building exercises for your group. Their advice and suggestions can go a long way in choosing the right activity.

Make it Not Boring

There are plenty of activities that you and your team can try. But will they work? The first thing you need to ask is: are they boring? It’s not enough that your employees will learn something from the activity. If it’s not going to be fun, then you’re going to lose their interest before the game has even started.

Do it Regularly

Team-building sessions shouldn’t be a one-time event. If you want to see results from those exercises, then turn them into a regular event. It could be a quarterly event or even a monthly event. With team-building sessions to take your employees out of their everyday routine and tasks, you can look forward to better engagement, motivation, and productivity at work. All these will positively impact your ROI and bottom line, given that increased productivity levels lead to higher revenues.

Do Your Homework

Before you pick a team-building activity, take the time to dig for information about the company behind the activity. How much experience do they have? What kind of activities do they offer? Can they customize the activity so it would be tailored to your team’s needs? You’ll want to ask these questions before you go ahead with the session.

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