Team Building and Development in a Matrix Environment

Team Building and Development in a Matrix Environment

The organizational structure of every business has many teams and sub-teams. The work for many of these sub-teams can overlap with other teams not within their division. This adds a layer of complexity to effectively communicate the needs of all team members.

Team building activities in a matrix environment significantly improve team development and performance.

Businesses with Organizational Charts

A typical organizational chart can have overlapping circles which demonstrate the potential within a well-defined hierarchy in an organization. However, completing projects in a matrix environment, the teams within a team, add a lot of complexity and other issues to team building.

Building a successful team through team building games requires nurturing. The success of a project is due more to the relationship with other team members than through the structure of the organizational chart.

Development Phases

There are several phases of developing a great team through group development.

The forming phase is when the team first comes together and starts to understand the goals and objectives but members are still working as individuals. Managers provide directives to steer the team towards the goal.

The storming phase is the exchange of ideas and how the work will be accomplished. There is conflict at this stage, which allows for growth within the team as individuals learn to work with other team members. Managers need to be involved and accessible during this phase.

During the norming phase, team members start to feel a sense of accomplishment. Team members are working together and starting to trust one another.

The performing stage is when the team has matured into a high-performing group. Work gets accomplished as members work together to problem solve and through conflict resolution.

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